New York feiert Pride

Morgen ist es genau 48 Jahre her, dass sich Homosexuelle und Transmenschen in der Stonewall Bar in New York gegen die Polizeiunterdrückung wehrten. Die Situation beruhigte sich erst nach fünf Tagen wieder. Seither wird jährlich im Juni an die Aufstände gedacht, sei dies mit dem Christopher Street Day oder einer Prideveranstaltung.

Am Samstag, 24. Juni, zog die Pride-Parade durch New York. Mehrere Tausend Menschen tanzten durch die Strassen. Einige von ihnen farbenfroh aufgetakelt, andere in ganz gewöhnlicher Strassenkleidung. Am Umzug teilgenommen hat auch Chelsea Manning, die Whistleblowerin, deren Haftstrafe vom ehemaligen US-Präsidenten Barack Obama erlassen wurde. Am 17. Mai wurde sie in die Freiheit entlassen.

was honored to represent the ACLU at this years NYC Pride March <3 started to lose my voice from screaming so much <3

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?❤️???? #queen #couldntgetanymorefabulous #newyorkpride #loveislove #nycpride #pride2017 #pridemonth #?

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Successful #pride, thanks to a little help from my friends – old and new ? ?️‍?. I'm not a big personal online sharer, but this weekend I feel like offering my #perspective, for those interested in why I choose to celebrate something seemingly so insignificant. I was raised #Jewish. Constantly reminded of centuries of identity-based #persecution; my own #family who either fleud or perished. Every terror attack in Israel or against Jews was an attack against #my #people. They were targeted for being what I am. Each time I fear for the lives and #well-being of my family and their #friends. That fear is #unique to my #group; that group bands together as a #community; and that community is part of who I am; therefore, maintaining Judaism as part of my identity is #important. Last year #Orlando happened. I was living in Tampa at the time, an hour away, out at a #gaybar when the panic began. In central Florida there's a close- knit #gay community. The #Tampa crew and Orlando crew alternate #weekends, making the #trip often to meet in each other's #bars. Having been away from Tampa almost a decade, I was just beginning the process of making friends in the community. Yet with Orlando, each person I became friends with in Tampa knew at least one person who died – one friend lost six. A friend of mine from New York who now lives in Orlando chose not to go out that night. But his roommate did, and in a fight or flight moment, tried to save lives by stuffing wounds with cloth. An hour away in the same type of venue I was at, the experience of Orlando hit closer to #home than ever before. In an #intense moment of #clarity, I realized I needed to approach being gay in the same way I was taught to approach being Jewish. It's a process and journey unique to me, defined by a new set of rules, and that's why I celebrate pride. That's my reason I will always #support a #strong gay community – and I continue to work to integrate my #sexual orientation into the #representation of who I am. I'm way more than Jewish and more than gay, but #today I'm #happy and #proud to be gay.

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